How do I use these Bindings?

Do I need to wax BananaBlades? 

BB come waxed, and slide much better if you wax them between each use. You can hot wax them or use a quick wax like any other ski .

Why are there little holes in my freakin bananas?

These small holes are necessary for our unique manufacturing process that makes the skis so affordable! After prototype testing we concluded that the holes do not noticeably interfere with how the ski performs on snow. If you are still nervous about them, you can fill the holes with wax or glue. 

Do they have edges for carving?

They sure do! We integrated a standard ski edge into the base that can be tuned and sharpened like any other ski.

Who are these skis best for?  

You don't have to dress up and go crazy to ride these skis! If you are an existing rider, change it up and practice new tricks on these lightweight shredders.

If you are a first timer, BB are truly easier to learn on than regular length skis. You can learn the basics of regular skiing, but at slower speeds with less falling and frustration. 

Why do some skis in your vids look so homemade?

Because they were! We built 14 prototypes before we got to our real factory models. We tested different lengths and shapes to maximize riding pleasure. BB shown on the product page are the real factory models.