Why and Who?

Skiing is so dang expensive! We wanted modern mini skis without the high price point, so we hand built 14 prototypes in our parents basement before making factory models. We are here to make mtn. fun for everyone,  put smiles on faces and get people stoked about sliding down a hill.


Zapped down by a UFO, he’s an unstoppable force in mechanics, operations, and the technical challenges of running a business.
Fueled by:
A failed PhD in mechanical engineering, a dabble in business school, a passion for extreme sports, and Modelos.  More


Actually three marmots in a trench coat, he's a creative mastermind in design, construction, and visual arts.
Fueled by:
A lifelong passion for skiing with professional experience in theatrical, residential and graphic design. He loves finding a good deal on Craigslist. More


A hairless yeti found roaming the mountains, he's a guru in marketing and sales operations in the ski industry.
Fueled by:
A lifetime of skiing and 7 years of involvement in the professional athletic world, marketing in the ski industry, and Margaritas. More





Our intern Greg can be found getting coffee, slaying massive booters, and taking pictures with his millions of fans.
Fueled by:
Bananas. More

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